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RC Trucks offer a wide spectrum of types, end uses and scales. They encapsulate everything that's fun in the RC Car World, and are usually built very tough to soak up huge Jumps and Landings, Off Road use and abuse, or full-on Speed Runs and power slides.

From sophisticated 2WD and 4WD Stadium and Short Course Trucks for Racing, to over-sized wheeled 4WD Monster Trucks and pure out and out Bashing platforms. RC Trucks have always been part of RC Cars. Many first appearing in the late 80's and the early 90's with Iconic Models like the Tamiya Clodbuster, Traxxas T-Maxx and Team Associated RC10ST. A decade later HPI introduced the first of it's originally IC only powered 1/8th Savage line and created a bloodline that continues to this day, with multiple scales and both IC and Brushless Electric variants available.

More recently brands like ARRMA have taken the RC Truck and Monster Truck genre to a new level of Speed, with the Infraction model, Size and Durability, with the Outcast & Krayton models, and affordability, with the Granite model.

Brands like Team Associated and Losi still lead the way in Truck Racing circles, with both full-spec self-build Team Kits and entry level RTR models available to suit all levels of experience and budgets. Stadium Trucks tend to be longer wheelbase versions of 2WD Buggy platforms, with a Mid or Rear Motor position, longer travel shocks and of course race orientated Truck bodyshells. Realism is never the goal here, performance and fine-tuning are the keywords of the class.

Short Course Trucks can be 2WD or 4WD, Mid or Rear Motor designs and based on the 1:1 Short Course Trucks Raced in series like TORC in the USA. Short Course trucks are perhaps the most versatile platform, they can be bashed and run just for fun, or Raced locally at Club or National level. The Traxxas Slash kicked off the genre and made it accessible to all, with Team Associated, Losi, ARRMA and many other brands producing Kits and RTR models at all levels and budgets.

There is a Type, Scale and Power type for everyone in the ever growing world of RC Trucks. Here at MIBI we offer a huge range of RC Trucks, Spares, Accessories, Durability, Option and Performance Parts. We can offer advice on regular maintenance, possible upgrade paths and help you the end user get the most from this exciting form of RC. Choose a scale and type of truck that inspires you. Run it on a wide variety of surfaces, wet or dry and fully embrace the capabilities of the RC Truck genre.

Build, Bash, Run, Race, Repeat...a simple mantra for a very cool class of RC.