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Wheels & Tyres

Selecting the perfect wheel and tire set is pivotal for maximizing the performance of your remote-controlled vehicles. Whether you're a fan of high-speed drifting, 1/10 on-road racing, conquering off-road terrains, crawling over obstacles, navigating a 1/10 buggy, or operating large-scale RC models,our selection of wheels and tyres will help you discover the ideal combinations tailored to your specific requirements.

Rc Wheels
Discover a wide range of RC wheels designed for superior performance and durability. Whether you're into off-road or on-road RC adventures, our selection of RC wheels will help you conquer any terrain with ease. 

Rc Tyres
Unleash the full potential of your RC vehicle with our premium RC tyres. From rugged off-road terrains to smooth racing tracks, we have the perfect RC tyre solutions for your specific needs. Browse our selection and experience unmatched traction and control.

Wheel and Tyre sets
Upgrade your RC performance in one convenient package with our RC wheel and tire sets. These perfectly matched sets are designed to enhance your RC vehicle's performance and style. Explore our selection of RC wheel & tire sets and elevate your RC experience.

Wheel and Tyre accessories
Explore our collection of must-have RC wheel and tyre accessories, including tyre foams, beadlock rings, hub adapters, and more. Customize your RC vehicle's performance, appearance, and durability with our high-quality accessories. Discover the perfect add-ons to optimize traction, grip, and style.